Used Neotek Series 1E 24 x 4 bus console

This is a Neotek Series 1E and here is the configuration:
Neotek Series 1E

24 Channel 4 bus
24 Channel with 4 band EQ
4 bus modules
2 mono echo returns
4 mono Aux sends


62" Wide
36" deep
38" tall with legs 15.5" tall without legs
All inputs to the console are balanced except the insert returns on the channels, and the two track tape returns.
All outputs are unbalanced except the master out.
There is no patch-bay, all connections are on the back with 1/4" and XLR connectors

All input modules recapped with increased capacitance and higher temperature ratings
All faders are the upgraded P&Gs (except the short faders on the echo return and bus modules)
Connectors have been added to the faders for easy swapping

Master section upgrades:
Fully recapped with increased capacitance and higher temperature ratings
Upgraded chips which allowed the removal of some coupling caps.
FET switching replaced with relays.
Some of the connectors and wiring have been replaced and improved.
Headphone amp had a chip upgrade
A transformer balanced output has been add to the main out (could easily be removed).
The four sub master returns have been transformer balanced.
A balanced 2-bus insert has been added with a bypass switch.

Power Supply Upgrades:
The standard small Neotek power supply has been replaced with one of the larger power supplies.
The power supply has been recapped with bigger higher temp caps. The console also has the option to split the power rails 
between two power supplies. This would allow chip upgrades to the console if someone was interested. Power supply connectors 
upgraded to neutrick speakon connectors. 

Included spares:
A full set of documents including schematics
Large unmodified power supply
Two unmodified input modules
Some spare bus modules for parts

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Used Neotek Series 1E 24 x 4 bus console
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