Millennia M-2B

The World’s Most Elegant Tube Mic Preamplifier •Musical, involving, euphonic •High speed transformerless, pure Class A, 350 volt triode design •Differential topology: no attenuator “pads” required •Effortless dynamics, vividly realistic ambience •>35 dBu output headroom •High resolution gain control •Precision potentiometers, ultra-premium components •Built for critical professional applications •Gold audio connectors, tube sockets, and relays •3/8“ thick radius extruded aluminum face plate •Durable mirror-gloss anodized finish •Mil spec 16 gauge cold-rolled steel chassis •Ultra-clean toroid power supply: internal sub-chassis •Hand machined aluminum knobs, illuminated IT and T push buttons •Richly musical vintage vacuum tubes available •Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring •Silver Teflon power wiring

Millennia M-2B
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