Ingram Engineering MPA575 with Output Transformer


Microphone Preamplifier

Transformer Coupled Input

Variable Input Impedance

Discrete JFET Dual-Stage Amp


See-Saw High / Low EQ

Variable Frequency Low Cut



Program Dependent Dynamics

Auto Make-up Gain

Internal or External Sidechain EQ

Insert Comp Pre- or Post-EQ


The MPA575 features a lightly colored transformer coupled discrete mic pre-amp, program dependent soft knee compressor with auto make-up gain, a unique see-saw EQ with combined low and high frequency control that allows broad frequency response adjustments with a single control knob, and a High Pass (Low Cut) filter with variable cutoff frequency. A high current buffer provides electronic balancing, isolation and capability to drive capacitive loads. An optional output transformer is available. Together, these form a mini channel strip that performs all essential analog signal processing functions needed before committing audio to a recording medium.


The MPA575 is engineered to take care of all complicated switching functions and gain adjustments behind the scenes so that the recording Engineer can concentrate on the music. As the mic load impedance setting, EQ and compressor are switched in and out, the gain stages are automatically adjusted so that the MPA575 gain is constant, within just a few tenths of a dB. Therefore, A-B audio quality comparisons when changing settings is extremely easy and more informative.


Long, trouble-free lifetime is ensured by the use of highest quality, long life caps and pots. Audiophile grade components are used throughout.


Key Specifications:



Input Transformer with Switched Turns Ratio for Either 600 or 2.4k Ohms Mic Load Impedance

Max Gain: 70 dB

Frequency Response, ±3 dB, 10 Hz to >100 kHz, EQs and Compressor Off

THDMIN = 0.002% at +10dBu, 1kHz, 2.4k Ohm Pre-amp Impedance

Input Referred Noise = -124dBu Unweighted, EQs and Compressor Off, 150 Ohm Mic Output Impedance

Dynamic Range = >130dB

Max Input Level = +15dBu

Max Output Level > +25 dBu with < 1.0% THD, 1kHz, 100k Ohms Load Impedance



High Pass Filter Type: Single Pole Design

High Pass Filter Frequency Range: -3dB Cutoff from 30 Hz to 400 Hz

EQ Boost/Cut Range: > +12 dB, < -5 dB

EQ Pivot Frequency: 1.2kHz



Threshold Characteristic: Soft Knee

Threshold Range: -30dBu to +13dBu

Compression Ratio: 1.2:1 to >20:1

Attack Time: Program Dependent; Typically 5mS settling to within 1dB for 10dB Compression

Release Time: Program Dependent; Typically 15mS settling to within 1dB for 10dB Compression


Ingram Engineering MPA575 with Output Transformer
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