Ingram Engineering EQ50

The Ingram Engineering EQ50 is a 500-series equalizer module that contains extremely versatile and musical sounding high pass, low pass and see-saw filters.  The unique see-saw filter contains a combined low and high frequency control that allows broad frequency response adjustments with a single control knob.  These key filter functions are provided with a simple and intuitive user interface. 

The unit features differential input and output.  Both input and output can operate in differential or single-ended, unbalanced modes.  A high current, cross-coupled active output buffer mimics the behavior of a transformer, providing constant gain for balanced or unbalanced operation, when either the positive or negative output signals are grounded.  Therefore, the output can drive differential or single ended output with no extra user configuration needed.  

The simple controls and circuit layout belie the finely tuned and expertly engineered design.  Extremely high input common mode rejection capability is realized, even down to critical power supply frequencies.  High qualify film caps, low distortion resistors and excellent quality integrated active stages realize a high headroom, low noise, and low distortion equalizer with superb audio quality that is ideal for individual tracks or for mixing and mastering stereo signals when the modules are used in pairs.  

Key Specifications:


•           Low Cut Filter:  20 Hz to 1 kHz continuously adjustable, -6 dB / octave

•           See-Saw Filter:  simultaneous bass boost / treble cut, >16 dB max cut / boost

•           See-Saw pivot frequency switchable between 400 Hz and 1 kHz

•           High Cut Filter:  5 kHz to >200 kHz continuously adjustable, -6 dB / octave

•           Unity gain, with output driving either balanced or unbalanced 

•           Input impedance:  48k Ohms differential

•           Output impedance:  100 Ohms differential

•           Max input level:  +20 dBu

•           CMRR:  typically 90 dB at 60 Hz

•           Input referred noise:  -98 dBu

Ingram Engineering EQ50
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