Bricasti Design M10 Remote

A remote for your Model 7! Bricasti Designs' Model 10 Reverb Remote Console gives you the ability to control up to eight Model 7 reverb units. This enables usage in environments such as surround mixing. To ensure years of reliable service, the Model 10's casing is milled from solid anodized aluminum, which perfectly matches the look and feel of the Model 7. Designed to be easy to use, this remote boasts the same controls as the Model 7, except for the addition of the Machine and Setup keys. Take control of the spaciousness of your Model 7-driven mixes with the Model 10! Bricasti Design Model 10 Reverb Remote Console Features: Custom milled solid aluminum casing and buttons, fine finished and anodized for an enduring design and classic look. Controls up to eight M7's Connects to the first M7 via RS422 9 pin serial cable, 10 meter cable provided, up to 30 meters that is 480L compatible Simple to install with no practical distance limits or IP addresses to configure Simple serial 'loop thru' for connecting more M7s, connect to the first and loop to the second, and third, etc. DC power is supplied from the M7 through the cable, no wall warts, or external supplies. 8 meters, for 4 stereo pairs, metering 4 machines at a time. Machine selection is by dedicated Machine key in the M10: Same clear easy to read displays as used in the M7 Same user interface as the M7, with the addition of Machine and Setup keys, so no need to learn something new. Simultaneous control of the M7 from both the M7s front panel and or the M10 with a lock out. Setup key for the M10's local memory, configurations, and settings. Hands-on control for your Bricasti Design Model 7 with the Model 10 Reverb Remote Console!

Bricasti Design M10 Remote
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