BAE 8 channel rack with PSU

8 Channel Rack Features


This is an 8-module self-powered rack for vintage Neve™* 10-series 8 3/4" high modules including the 1066, 1073, 1084 and our reproduction 1073 and 1084 modules.


Each module has its own separate output level control and lighted 48v phantom power switch. The back panel has XLR connectors for mic input, line input and output. The oversize external power supply puts out two times the current necessary to power the rack. It has an extra DC outlet which will operate any of our 1272 preamps or Class A Mixers.


The power supply may be set for 220/240 volt operation for Europe or Australia at no extra charge. As well we can set it for 100 volt operation for Japan at no extra charge.


8 Channel Rack Specifications


Power Requirements
115/230 VAC, 39W


Weight (Empty)
12 LBS / 5.44 KG


Dimensions (in Inches)
19W x  8.75L x 16D

BAE 8 channel rack with PSU
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Price $2,400.00