BAE 8 channel mixer with PSU

8 Channel Mixer Features


The 8CM is an 8 channel mixer that can house the 10 series modules such as the 1073, 1084, 1023 and 1004.


Both mic and line inputs of each module can be mixed to either left or right channels with individual pan controls and output level. A stereo output is also provided for attenuating all channels.


Bussing amplifiers are the same Class A amplifiers used in our 1272's to retain that signature sound.


The 8CM can also be used as a 10 series rack with 8 direct outs.

8 Channel Mixer Specifications


Power Requirements
115/230 VAC, 42W


Weight (Empty)
15 LBS / 6.80 KG


Dimensions (in Inches)
19W x  8.75L x 16D

BAE 8 channel mixer with PSU
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Price $3,400.00