BAE 312A Module

BAE 312A Module Modules plug into API compatable lunchboxes and racks Made using Avedis 1122 opamps Can be phantom powered if your rack has a 48v power supply built in Pin compatible with API 550A equalizers Switches have gold contacts for long life Supplied with Jensen input and output transformers at no additional cost. High impedance direct input for guitar and synthesizer. The BAE 312A mic preamps made using the new Avedis 1122 opamps are punchy, have great bass and have a clear, extended top end. The sound is in your face and they don't compress transients. The low end is tight with good attack. They are excellent for drums and percussion. These pres are very cost effective. Many people buy racks of 6 or 11 to cover the entire drum kit.

BAE 312A Module
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